IITA Managers visit Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled

The Managers Staff Association, MSA of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA paid a visit to the Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled at Moniya, Ibadan, Nigeria, on 14 Dec. 2022, to distribute some food items in celebration of the Christmas festivity as part of their activities to mark the end of 2022.

International trials manager cowpea breeding unit and member of the planning committee, Bosede Popoola, said the association’s visit was necessary following a decision by its members to show some love to the less privileged and ensure they have a feel of the joy of the season. “We are not just about eating and making merry, but we also consider the less privileged in the society, who may not have the luxury that we enjoy daily,” she added.

The association also organized its annual Managers Day Out on 15 December 2022 at IITA Lake Peninsula with colorful traditional attire to meet and celebrate each other for another successful end-of-year work activity.

In an interview with the President of the association, Abioye Oyewale, he mentioned that the event is a time to dine and whine with fellow managers outside work.

“After eleven and half months of working, this is the time to relax and reflect on the year so far,” he said.

Head of human resources manager Lade Oke expressed her joy for meeting and celebrating the end of the year with IITA managers in one space outside work.

The event featured awards of recognition for the new and old Managers Staff Association members, Games, Music, a dance competition, and a presentation of gifts.

Contributed by Victoria Adabale and Dajie Odok